Current Participants

Subject Only Route

We encourage participants to complete the RLE award as an excellent professional development opportunity. However, if participants are unable to enrol on the RLE programme, they may undertake the below programme.


To support RIS participants to continue to work towards the RIS aims, with a focus on:

  • disseminating their subject expertise to colleagues through CPD delivery.
  • delivering activities to widen access to university for under-represented groups.


The Subject-only route will involve training in:

  • leading the learning of colleagues, to support the delivery of CPD to colleagues in school.
  • leadership of university access activities and programmes in school and the broader sector.


Participants will be required to:

  • Design and deliver a subject specific CPD session for teachers in their placement school or participants on the RIS programme.
  • Design and deliver a pupil-facing Uni Pathways widening participation programme in their placement school and complete evaluation processes.

The Uni Pathways programme will include the delivery of university-style tutorials, information and guidance sessions and mentoring for pupils to support university readiness.

Time commitment

  • Two days of Summer Training
  • Three Development Days
  • Blended learning which may include twilight sessions and webinars


Eligibility criteria

  • QTS status
  • Endorsement of senior member of staff in placement school confirming that the participant is consistently meeting all the Teacher’s Standards, and there are no concerns about the progress that the participant is making towards gaining NQT status in July 2017.
  • Support from the placement school, including one full day ‘RIS Day’ off timetable*

Further information

If you have any context specific questions, please e-mail your Programme Manager who will be able to offer support.

Next Steps